Monthly Archives: March 2016


… and everything.

How is it that when we go looking for something – anything – we can’t find it? There is, quite simply, nothing here. Only awareness. Aware, when we look for something, that there is, actually, nothing (no thing and no one) here. And, paradoxically, that very same awareness is aware of everything (every thing) that appears to be here, when it appears. WTF?!

Don’t believe anyone when they tell you shit like this. Go hunting. Find out. Look. For yourself. Your lover. Your mother (dead or alive). A beloved pet. That cup of tea on the table. Your skin and hair and bones. Trees, flowers, bees. Guilt, rage, jealousy. Fear, loathing, LOVE. Pain. Angst. JOY.

You flat out can’t find those them because they aren’t things. They only appear to exist as ‘things’ and there is a difference between what appears to exist and what IS.

This paradox – called the “the open secret” by some – can be known.


If there is no thing and no one …

by whom is this known?