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Don’t make an enemy of your body, your disease, your perceived flaws or limitations, the natural processes of aging. Be kind and gentle to the vehicle – your body – that temporarily provides your beingness with access to knowing itself as form. Embrace your disease as a messenger. Acknowledge your perceived flaws or limitations and question if they are, in fact, flaws or limitations. Who defined them as such? Must you agree with them? Tenderly caress the heart within you. Be grateful to all the mechanisms that operate without you having to do a thing, and forgive those that don’t seem to be working “right” by some arbitrary standard of ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ or ‘normal’. Consider all that IS – reality itself – to be an invitation. Greet all with open arms, and open heart, a willingness to say, “I see you. I hear you. I feel you. Welcome. Welcome. Welcome.”

you are not what you believe yourself to be

“There is no such thing as a person. There are only restrictions and limitations. The sum total of these defines the person. You think you know yourself when you know what you are. But you never know who you are. The person merely appears to be, like the space within the pot appears to have the shape and volume and smell of the pot. See that you are not what you believe yourself to be. Fight with all the strength at your disposal against the idea that you are nameable and describable. You are not. Refuse to think of yourself in terms of this or that. There is no other way out of misery, which you have created for yourself through blind acceptance without investigation. Suffering is a call for enquiry, all pain needs investigation. Don’t be too lazy to think.”

― Nisargadatta Maharaj

the light of the world

Amma and childNo human is born “bad.” We are made to believe (and act out) that we are, by our attachment to mistaken beliefs about who we are and what is real.

We are born lit from within, every single one of us. The torch of Awareness burns in us, eternally, even when it is unnoticed, hidden from view by layer upon layer of beliefs that cause us only suffering.

Turn towards that light within you. Fan the flame of your own Self Awareness and witness the incineration of all the layers of limiting beliefs that bind you. When all else has burned, all that remains is who you truly are: the light of the world.