Monthly Archives: October 2016

all that remains is Awareness

When the I dissolves, so does the body. All that remains is Awareness, without an I, without a body, without thought. This can be known, and seemingly ‘afterwards’, described as one would describe an ‘experience’ of oneness. But it isn’t an experience that the I has – the I ceases to exist. It ‘dies’ (never really did exist… ). That, and the body in which it ‘appears’ to reside, arise simultaneously in object consciousness (Awareness is ‘prior to’ object consciousness). Objects/object consciousness arise simultaneously (as ‘the ten thousand things’). They exist (it seems) ‘in’ Awareness. Awareness IS… independent of / prior to consciousness. But really there is no independent of nor prior to.

You may wonder how ‘I’ know this. I don’t, and therefore can’t tell you. Because there is no I. But it is known… here… and attempts like this, to describe it such that the thinking mind can understand (even the thinking mind that seems to be ‘here’), are futile.

So be it.

thoughts are sticky

Thoughts are sticky. Trying to rid oneself of thought is like handing a feather to a baby whose chubby little fingers are smeared with honey, and expecting that child to be able to put the feather aside.

Don’t waste energy trying to not think or get rid of thoughts. Just watch them pass through, in the quiet way you might observe clouds passing overhead. You don’t raise your fist and rail at the clouds, nor do you make any effort to get rid of the clouds – because you realize you have no control whatsoever over the clouds.

So it is with thoughts. You have no control. Knowing this truth, you are finally able to give up the illusion of control and just watch them arise and disappear. You recognize that each thought is unique – is born and dies, even as it appears you are often thinking the same thought over and over again.

Thoughts are sticky, but left alone they dissolve, just as honey eventually dissolves on a baby’s warm, chubby fingers, allowing the feather to simply fall off.