about this blog

newborn02On some date that you call your birth date, the body that you think of as your mother’s was delivered of a body that you think was yours, in the past. That body was labeled as a boy or girl, identified as belonging to a particular race, and given a name – all of which was not known or understood by you – the infant body. But as that wee body grew and developed, so too did the brain within its skull, and all of the things that were not known or understood started to be believed to be important bits of knowledge and understanding. These beliefs were identified with, and ultimately developed into the you that you thought yourself to be in the past. They are the you that you think yourself to be now. They are also the you that you imagine you might be (or become) in the future.

santaclaus02What those beliefs represent is no more representative of who you really are than is the belief in Santa Claus representative of a fat man who lives at the North Pole making presents for good little boys and girls. We all learn and accept that this is just a story told to children. Far fewer of us ever fully realize that who we believe ourselves to be is as much a story as the story of good ol’ Saint Nick. It is The Story of Me.

This blog is meant for those who are compelled to know who they really are, beyond the story of me and any thought they have about who they are. It is a gathering place for pointers to this realization, from a myriad of sources both old and new. The words and images are meant to be reminders of something already known at a very deep level – something experienced in every moment of every human life. Although it cannot be spoken of or accurately put into words any more than words can describe the reality of space such that the human mind can comprehend it, consider what is provided here to be an invitation to open to its indisputable existence.

~Grace Lambert