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stillness is not an experience

In believing that you must ‘experience’ stillness, you create an image of what it will look like, feel like, be like, and then look for that experience. You seek, to “Be still and awaken” – as an experience.

Stillness is ‘here’, always. It’s never not here, even when it isn’t noticed by the busy mind. It is not an experience. It’s what experience arises ‘in’ … even if what arises appears to be the noticing of stillness or lack of noticing of stillness.

When attention turns away from the noticing of experience (any experience), stillness is evident as the canvas upon which experience arises, the space in which experience appears to happen. But it is not, itself, an experience.

When you stop believing the mind’s story that it’s too damn busy and start noticing its busy-ness, then attention starts to disentangle itself from that busy-ness. It isn’t the mind that notices how busy it is, but it is the mind that judges that busy-ness.

THAT which animates all is stillness. THAT within which animation appears to occur is stillness. Whether aware of itself or not, THAT is ever-present. Without THAT, experiencing, noticing, and even busy-ness would not exist.

You are THAT.