anger is repressed fear

I’ve come to see anger as fear that is repressed. If you doubt that, watch the resistance and denial that comes up from that statement. Resistance is a way to know what is buried deep within the story of you.

Awareness of this allowed me to go inward in openness, to really look at what it was I was so angry (afraid) of. What did the dynamic that was occurring represent to me on a core (identity) level… safety, non-relevance, lack of love? What exactly did it mean to my story?

Non-relevance was particularly significant in that it forced me to look at WHAT exactly was it that feared irrelevance, thoughts?

Holding onto stories is the way in which the mind builds its identity and (apparent) relevance.

You have to WANT to see, even if it’s fearful.

Even if your mind says you have a “right” to your anger.

Once I accepted this it changed the way I saw anger, both my own and another’s.

I recognized the mind superimposes onto EVERYTHING what it “thinks” something means based on conditioning.

That doesn’t mean it’s real.

Being aware of this changed the way I looked at things, which in turn changed what I was looking at.

Unconditional compassion occurred when I no longer shared the fears of those I was compassionate towards.

~Rita Friedman