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May we hold all mothers in our hearts on this day, beholding the infinite forms that mother will take to reach us, in order to remind us of how much we are loved. Though it may appear otherwise, she has never given up on you, and never will. In this way, mother is not a person, but is the activity of love itself.

Through the offering of her essence and her womb, she becomes a vessel through which life is made possible. And through her, the most outrageous, rare, heartbreaking, raw, tender, precious opportunity is given, to make the embodied human journey, in a world where love is alive.

Whether or not you are able to speak with mother and thank her for this gift, you can thank life everywhere by no longer postponing your participation here. By not waiting for another moment to remember what is most important. By not waiting another moment to offer your heart and your gifts to a world that has forgotten. And to be the mother of all beings in whatever way you can:

To slow way down in their presence, to look them in the eye, to take a moment to listen to how they are making meaning of this crazy world, to become astonished at their unique brilliance, to hold them, to allow them to matter to you, to speak kind words to them, to allow them to be the miracle that they are, to care deeply as to how they are organizing their experience, to do whatever you can so that their utter majesty is reflected back to them in infinite ways. To offer them a womb of warmth, space, and love in which they can come to rest in what they are. Perhaps in this way we can all express our gratitude for this precious gift of life.

No matter what your relationship has been or is now with your mother in the physical world, a doorway is appearing – through which you can connect with her through an umbilical cord of pure light. For the bond with her is beyond time and space. In just one moment of aliveness and of presence, the heart of the mother and your little heart are one.
As the Tibetans believe, each being we encounter has at one time been our mother, and has shown us the most profound kindness, care, and compassion; willing to give her life so that we may come into being.

May all mother-beings everywhere receive an outpouring of blessings on this day. May their hearts and their bodies be bathed in love, and may they come to know directly, even for a moment, how precious they truly are.

~Matt Licata
A Loving Healing Space