all is sacred

It is possible to realize a truth that is hard to reconcile with all of our conditioned beliefs. And that is that there is no “you” – as in a separate individual entity – that has control, of anything. Including the decisions that “you” appear to make. The very thought of this is alarming (to say the least) to the one who thinks he or she has control. But when this actually happens, an unimaginable relaxation occurs in every aspect of the human body. The mind quiets, the heart opens, the gut unclenches. The one who has felt fear can no longer be located, other than as a memory. There is, instead of a seeming heavy solidness, an almost unbearable lightness of being.

So much of what people pursue, and do, is to improve a self that doesn’t exist. And to improve a world that this same non-existent self believes needs to be made better. As if they can *do* something to make it better. As if they have the choice, are in control. As if…

The truth is that they don’t have choice, and are not in control. The truth is that they don’t … exist. And whatever it is that *is* in control, does. Exist. Not as an idea, a projection, or a memory. Nor as an entity that is separate from other entities.

Yes, there seems to be a human being. Being human. But the thinking human isn’t in control. And what is in control is simply Being, being human. And Being, being animal, plant, star. Nothing is not Being, being… whatever. Everything is Being, being… whatever. The ten thousand things.

All of the “bad” things (or the “good,” for that matter), that are apparently happening, are not in your control. This doesn’t mean you can’t, for example, vote for the candidate of your choice. Or chose to eat a whole foods plant-based diet because you believe that it will help you feel better, live longer, or save the planet. But as long as you believe that your vote counts and your decisions matter, you will actually suffer, on some level. This suffering will consist of nagging thoughts that plague you and a body that is experiencing some form of contraction 100% of the time (even if you don’t realize it). This is because believing you have a choice is arguing with reality, and when you argue with reality, you lose. All of the time.

When you realize at the deepest level that you cannot improve reality, that reality is not in your control, and when you know that what is, is … perfect … (even the judgments about how imperfect it all is), a great weight is lifted from your body. It is the weight of the belief that you have some control. When the burden of that belief falls away, it is as if your body turns into a cloud, through which all things can pass, including learned and conditioned behaviors and beliefs which will continue to rise. As Rumi says, welcome them, as you would a beloved guest. 

Upon awakening, one’s view of the world profoundly shifts. All becomes sacred – is recognized to be sacred. There is not a molecule or atom in existence that is not sacred. Everything is The Divine.