it is unspeakable

When thoughts are ignored and cast aside, and the mind is still and silent, what remains that is still and silent? Can you feel it?

It is unspeakable. It cannot be described or shared in words or pictures (though people try to use words, such as God, Consciousness, Spirit, Awareness, Bliss, Peace, and even Love). But no matter what it’s called, the word isn’t it. And being without labels doesn’t make it any less real.

It is a felt sense of oneness with all that is. To experience this is to notice the end of – no, the absence of – any sense of being an individual, of right or wrong, good or bad. There is – in this space that exists behind the feeling of being a separate person, beyond all ideas, judgments and comparisons – an indescribable feeling of boundlessness.

This feeling isn’t reserved for or unique to only certain individuals. It is always here, now, available and able to be felt by all.