surrender happens

Surrender happens when all the fight leaves you, either in one fell swoop or slowly, over apparent ‘time’. It is then that you realize the truth of the statement, “What you resist persists.” Because suddenly, or slowly (in hindsight) you see that you have been resisting, and you recognize that all that you were resisting persisted. Surrender doesn’t always, nor necessarily even remove that which you were resisting, but without resistance, what is is no longer viewed as a problem, even if what is was viewed as a persistent problem… ‘before’ you surrendered.

The mind wants to hear that if you surrender, that if you just accept what is, then all the stuff you’ve been resisting falls away. And a lot of it might, maybe even all of it. But don’t count on that, because that little speck of hope that the stuff you don’t want to deal with in your life will just go away…? That’s resistance to the stuff you don’t want to deal with. It rubs. That stuff… persists in rubbing you, like a grain of sand in your shoe.

So how do you deal with all the stuff you don’t want to deal with? The first step is to notice that you don’t want to deal with it… that’s like opening your eyes to what you don’t want to see and taking your fingers out of your ears cause you don’t want to hear. It all comes down to the choice – you can fight, try to flee, push away, or open your arms, eyes, heart and mind to what’s here, now. There’s a message in what is, and it’s just for you. If you don’t catch it this time, don’t worry, it’ll come around again.