the burden of being bothered…

It’s amazing to look at something that (or someone who) bothers me as if they aren’t actually something or someone *other* than me. Like looking in a mirror, where it’s clear I’m not looking at a separate thing or being… I’m looking at my self. And suddenly the thought comes, “Good grief, it’s not like I can change what’s in the mirror without changing what’s looking at the mirror, can I?” Head slap.

DuckiesLife never ceases reflecting, something, to us. Kinda like the penny arcade, where we shoot down a little duck as it floats by – a feeling of instant gratification, “Aaahhh” – and then poof, another one pops up. We can learn to love the duckies, to embrace the reflections, cause that’s what here. It’s all just One Being disguised as things and people defined in various ways as “Others.”

When the burden of being bothered by “others” falls away, life is light. Every … thing … is a gift, a present, a great blessing.